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Ultimo - Fluid Responsive Magento Theme - Magento eCommerce
Ultimo best-selling responsive Magento theme



Customizable design
You have never seen so many options. You can change the visual appearance of almost every element of the design.
Change colors of dozens of elements using color pickers, apply textures for header, footer and for the entire page, upload background image and configure its properties (position, repeating, attachment), change font style and font size, and many many more…

Customizable responsive layout
Ultimo supports wide screens. In the admin panel you can select the maximum width of the page (from 1024 to 1680 pixels) or even specify your custom non-standard width.

Fluid width
Design is optimized for all the most popular screen resolutions. When screen is resized, design elements are transformed smoothly on each breakpoint (from 240 to 1680 pixels) in order to adapt to the current resolution. Width of the page is fluid, but you can also disable fluid width: in that case the width will only be changed on breakpoints.

Fluid grid system
Ultimo is based on fluid grid system (12-column)
so it always uses maximum available width
of the screen to display content. It can be displayed
on any screen.
You can choose the layout of the home page: one, two or three columns. Display custom content in multiple sidebar blocks. Enable/disable Magento’s default sidebar blocks.

Areas for custom content on the home page:
Slideshow with additional banners
(left or right side)
“Preface”, block for custom content
above the columns
“Postscript”, another block for custom content
below the columns
Left column, contains 3 custom blocks
Main content area for any custom content,
such as product sliders, banners etc.
Right column, contains 3 custom CMS blocks

Clean and readable product page – your customers can easily find all important information.
Configurable width of the main columns, prominent brand logo (with link to other products), product image (customizable size) with Cloud Zoom and lightbox, tabs smoothly turning into accordion on narrow screens, additional custom tabs and CMS blocks, sliders for related and up-sell products, social bookmarks, customizable product options… In short – adjust product page to suit your needs.

Customizable products grid
Customize the display of products grid in category view. Set one of these options
1) hide, 2) show 3) show only on mouse hover – for the following elements: “Add to cart” button, ratings (stars), “Add to wishlist” and “Add to compare” links.

Show or hide Magento grid elements
Show/Hide/Show on-hover

Each of the following elements can be displayed
on mouse hover or completely removed:

“Add to wishlist” and “Add to compare” links
Ratings (stars) and number of reviews
“Add to cart” button
Fluid, auto-adapting products grid

Set custom number of columns (products in a row): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 for default screen resolution.
On wider (or narrower) screens the number of columns will automatically adapt to the current resolution (it will also adapt itself whenever the size of the web browser window is changed). For example, on wide screens the number of columns will be automatically increased to show more products in a row.
Switch between 2 styles of the drop-down menu: wide [demo] or classic [demo]. In wide menu you can display links in 4-8 columns. You can also display your custom content in a drop-down block. Colors are fully customizable.

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